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Top 3 Signs You Need Emergency Well Service January 1, 2019

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Top 3 Signs You Need Emergency Well Service, Summersville, Missouri

Having a private well on your property makes it easy to access healthy, reliable, and free water. However, you need to ensure that the well works properly at all times to reap all of those benefits. While they’re rare, situations may arise that require emergency well services. Keep an eye out for these indicators in particular.

How to Tell When You Need Emergency Well Services 

1. Dirty Water

Families that rely on wells for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning can’t settle for tainted water. In some cases, a well pump that isn’t fitted correctly or has shifted slightly out of place can push dirt and other materials into the tank, causing the water that comes out of your faucets to appear dirty. If you experience this issue, call an emergency well service provider right away to have the pump replaced or refitted so that you’ll once again have access to clean water.

2. Decreased Water Pressure

emergency well serviceIf you notice that water isn’t coming out of your faucets as forcefully as it once did, or if it’s spitting out air along with water, you’ll have to consider a few possible explanations. For instance, it could be due to a hole in the pressure tank, low water volume underground, or dirty or leaky pipes. If you’re unable to see the cause of this issue on your own, let a professional inspect and test to find the source and make repairs as necessary.

3. No Water Flow

Of course, no water coming through your plumbing at all is an even more pressing issue. If this happens, quickly check to see if it’s an issue with the power rather than the water, like a blown fuse. If not, a professional can check the pump and the water supply underground. In some cases, a simple pump repair might be enough to get the water flowing freely again. In others, you might need to order a full well pump replacement.


If you need emergency well services, call the professionals at Mike Woolsey and Sons Pump Service in Summersville, MO. The pumping contractor provides water well drilling along with service and repairs for all your water well and pump-related needs. In addition, the company provides a five-year warranty on all of its products. Call (417) 932-4036 or contact the team online to learn more.

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