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What Happens if You Post Bail But the Person Misses the Court Date? May 16, 2018

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What Happens if You Post Bail But the Person Misses the Court Date?, Dalton, Georgia

The bail system is set in place to provide individuals with their freedom while they await trial. However, it is contingent upon the person showing up for their court date. So, what happens if you post bail and your loved one misses their hearing in front of a judge? A-1 Bonding of Dalton, GA, explains.

What Happens If a Court Date Is Missed?

When an individual fails to appear in court, the judge will likely issue a bench warrant for their arrest, especially if the charges are serious. This document goes into the legal system and allows law enforcement to arrest the person immediately once they come across them. The bail money will be forfeited, and the individual will be taken to jail to await the rescheduled date. The judge may also decide to add a “failure to appear” charge to the list of offenses, meaning the person may incur additional penalties.

Is There Anything You Can Do?

post bailOnce you post bail, gently remind your loved one of the possible consequences of failing to appear in court. Should they miss the date anyway, encourage them to call the courthouse and speak to the clerk right away. They may be able to have the warrant canceled or make alternate arrangements to turn themselves in. At this juncture, it is incredibly important for them to show up for their next court date, as failing to do so again will incur even more severe penalties.

For over three decades, A-1 Bonding has been helping Dalton-area residents post bail for loved ones who find themselves in jail. They understand the seriousness of the situation and are available at any time of day to assist you. Due to their dedication to their clients, this family-owned business boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau®. To speak with a team member, call (706) 259-3511 today. Visit them online to learn more about their services.

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