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3 Subtle Signs You Need Tree Removal August 6, 2018

Clarksville, Red River
3 Subtle Signs You Need Tree Removal, Clarksville, Texas

When a tree’s bark exhibits rot or other noticeable signs of disease, or a seasonal storm has splintered the trunk, most homeowners will schedule tree removal appointments to restore the comfort, safety, curb appeal, and value of their properties. Although these are clear indicators it’s time to remove a tree from your yard, there are some less obvious signifiers that it’s time to make the call. Below are a few signs to keep on your radar. 

3 Subtle Indicators You Need Tree Removal

1. Trees Become Unnecessary Obstacles

Whether you’ve built a storage shed in the yard or added a two-story addition to the house, constructing new buildings on your property will change the functionality of the landscape. Once the structures are erected, planted trees could become obstacles on your path or become hazards to the structures themselves. 

2. Hanging Branches Damage Power Lines

tree removalIf tree branches hang over city power lines, there’s always the chance a storm could send the branches crashing down on the cables. This poses the risk of lost electricity in neighborhood homes and can also present the chance of electrocution. Investing in tree removal could prevent potentially life-threatening situations.

3. Excessive Leaning Compromises Property Safety

Healthy trees are constantly growing, which means the roots in the soil can shift over time. When this happens, the tree will start to grow in a new direction, which might lead to excessive leaning. If the tree is in close proximity to your house or garage, the extreme tilt could cause property damage. To avoid costly roof and siding repairs and additional headaches, schedule a tree removal appointment.  


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