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Water Well Maintenance for New Homeowners May 14, 2018

Walton, Washington
Water Well Maintenance for New Homeowners, Walton, Missouri

Owning a property with a private well system offers a sense of independence, as it exempts you from the infrastructure issues and costs associated with public water supplies. However, the arrangement requires the homeowner to tackle a few routine chores to ensure the safety of their home and family. If you've recently purchased a home with well water—or are about to—follow this water well maintenance guide for best results.

What You Need to Do After Moving to a Home With Well Water

After you close on your new home, you should schedule a well inspection with a professional contractor. In most cases, it's best to include the request as a contingency of your purchase contract. However, if you overlooked this step or bought your home as-is, schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

Water well maintenanceDuring the process, your water well maintenance professional will test the working mechanisms of the system. This step includes checking the pump, casing, and valves to ensure optimal functionality. They'll also test the water to identify contaminants including microorganisms, pesticides, and minerals. Any issues that are found should be rectified quickly with well repairs or filter installations.

How Often You Should Schedule Water Well Maintenance

After the initial well inspection, you should schedule routine water well maintenance. Regular testing and inspections help to identify issues before they grow and become a more dangerous and costly problem. You also need to schedule maintenance after periods of heavy rainfall or flooding because the drastic change in water levels can cause contamination.


By tackling a few simple steps, you can ensure the well water at your new home is safe and ready to use. If you need water well maintenance or inspection services, turn to the professionals at Marshall Eye Jr Water Well Drilling & Repair Service in Potosi, MO. Since 1959, the well-drilling contractor has built a reputation for providing high-quality, reliable, and affordable work to both residential and commercial clients. Request a free quote today for your project by calling (314) 541-6239, and learn more about their range of specialties by visiting them online.

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