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3 Common Household Issues That Need an Electrician May 16, 2018

Davenport, Lincoln
3 Common Household Issues That Need an Electrician, Davenport, Washington

From your television to your refrigerator, your home runs on electricity—and when something in your home isn’t working the way it should, it’s tempting to try to handle the repairs on your own. However, certain projects are best saved for the professionals. Here are three common problems that require you to hire an electrician.

Hire an Electrician for These 3 Household Issues

1. Too Many Cables

Your room may only have a few outlets, but you have plenty of devices to charge. While extension cords and power bars are convenient, it’s dangerous to connect too many devices to the same circuit. Instead, take the safer route by hiring an electrician to install more outlets. This is particularly important if you live in an older home, which likely wasn’t designed with as many outlets as modern homes.

2. Plugs Won’t Stay

Outlets are designed to hold prongs in place to maintain a stable connection. However, if those contact points start to fail, you’ll notice that your plugs keep falling out. Aside from being annoying, this issue can cause an arc, leading to a fire behind the drywall. Avoid the issue by hiring an electrician to replace the receptacle.

electrician3. Rising Electric Bills

Your monthly electric bill keeps climbing, but your usage patterns have remained the same: sound familiar? The culprit might be a combination of older furnaces, poor insulation, and wasted power. An electrician can assess your home’s energy efficiency and recommend any applicable upgrades. For instance, switching to more energy-efficient appliances can save you money over time by reducing your overall power usage.


An experienced electrician will be able to safely and efficiently take care of your electrical needs. Since 1985, homeowners and business owners in the Davenport, WA, area have trusted the team at Halme Electric and Pump for all their electrical needs and well pump services. This family-owned business brings experience and acclaimed customer service to every job. To schedule a consultation, call (509) 725-3500, or follow their latest updates on Facebook.

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