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What’s the Difference Between OEM & Aftermarket Auto Parts? May 16, 2018

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What’s the Difference Between OEM & Aftermarket Auto Parts?, Anchorage, Alaska

Do you know the difference between OEM and aftermarket auto parts? While both are viable options for repairing your vehicle, several characteristics make them stand apart. Learn what the distinctions are below to make an informed decision the next time your car needs work.

What Are the Differences Between OEM & Aftermarket Auto Parts?

auto partsThe main difference is where these auto parts were manufactured. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means these products come directly from your vehicle’s manufacturer. They have been constructed for your exact model and provide the perfect replacement for your repair. You may have to pay slightly higher prices, but the quality of the repair is worth the cost.

Aftermarket products are made by third-party companies and don’t focus on a specific brand of vehicle. These auto parts are mass-produced to meet industry demands and often match the specs of several types of engines. You won’t pay as much for the replacement, but there’s no guarantee the part will be an exact fit for your vehicle.

How Does One Decide?

It all comes down to personal preference. If you want to maintain your vehicle’s condition by having the original auto parts installed, you’ll want to consider OEM products for the repair. Those who are interested in more cost-effective solutions might benefit from browsing the selection of aftermarket parts.

You do have to be careful, though. Some insurance policies won’t cover OEM repairs and encourage their clients to select aftermarket products instead. Review your current coverage and change your policy if necessary to prevent unexpected charges.

If you’re looking for quality car parts, stop by the salvage yard at Northwest Auto Parts in Anchorage, AK. These professionals specialize in OEM auto parts and have one of the largest vehicle inventories in the region. They keep each of their used car parts in a state-of-the-art storage facility to maintain their condition and offer a 101-day money-back guarantee on every sale. You can learn more about this locally-owned company by calling (800) 770-6531 or by visiting them online.


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