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How to Cope With a Death Caused By Drug Overdose May 18, 2018

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How to Cope With a Death Caused By Drug Overdose , Wayne, West Virginia

When someone they love passes, it’s common for people to throw themselves into planning funeral arrangements and burial services without taking the time to properly process their loss. This is particularly true when the death was caused by a drug overdose, which can bring about a wide variety of emotions. Below is a helpful resource you can refer to if you or a friend is dealing with an abrupt death caused by a drug overdose.

Learning How to Process a Drug-Related Death

The First Steps

After an overdose-related death, people often feel shame and guilt, and can’t shake the feeling that they could have prevented it if they’d done something differently. Local grief support groups provide structure and support during this time. Surrounding yourself with people who have experienced this type of loss can help you open up and tackle the tough feelings bottling up inside. Online grief support can also be a comforting tool, especially while planning funeral arrangements.

Consider Speaking With a Grief Counselor

funeral arrangementsTherapists are trained and certified in the best ways to handle grief and loss, ultimately empowering their patients with the tools to ensure their pain doesn’t take control. While every situation is unique, speaking with a grief professional can help you navigate this scary and confusing new landscape in a safe space.

Continue Healing

Taking care of yourself is extremely important after an overdose-related loss. Avoid the urge to “punish” yourself by not eating and sleeping, or by burning the candle at both ends at work. Healing, gentle practices like yoga, meditation, massage therapy, or even listening to music or going on long walks can help ensure your body, mind, and soul are getting what they need.

Keeping a personal journal can also be extremely beneficial during the grieving process, as it allows you to let go of any unspoken feelings you may not even know you have. Since there are no rules and no readers to judge you, you can open up and be honest in a way you may not be able to when speaking the words aloud.


Making funeral arrangements after losing a loved one can be overwhelming, particularly if the death is drug-related or unexpected. The caring team at Morris Funeral Home in Wayne, WV, is dedicated to offering personalized cremation and burial services to help you honor and say goodbye to your loved one during this difficult time. Serving clients 24/7, this family-run funeral home ensures you receive nothing less than premium funeral solutions at affordable rates. Give them a call today at (304) 272-5171 to discuss how they can meet your needs for funeral arrangements or burial services, or visit their website to learn more.

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