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Dog Training 101: Crate Training Large Breeds May 18, 2018

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Dog Training 101: Crate Training Large Breeds, Walworth, New York

Taking care of your dogs is not just a matter of feeding and grooming. As their owner, you are also responsible for dog training to teach your pets proper behavior and good habits. If left to do whatever they want, dogs—especially larger breeds—can be quite troublesome and even destructive. One way to address bad behavior is crate training. Orchard Kennels in Walworth, NY, explains this method and its benefit to owners.

What Is Crate Training?

Crate training is a dog training technique that teaches your companion to be comfortable inside a crate. Supporters of this technique claim canines are conditioned to seek out dens, so this crate or enclosure serves as a substitute shelter. While your furry friend may experience stress and anxiety during the initial training stages, their crate will eventually provide a feeling of security and safety once they get used to it.

Why Is Crate Training Beneficial?

Whether it’s dog trainingat a veterinarian clinic, dog groomer, in your car, or on a plane, at some point you will need to pen your pet. Training dogs to be comfortable in these situations makes it easy for them, for you, and for any other person involved. Crate training will also provide structure to your dog’s life, giving it a place of solace whenever it feels stressed. It likewise gives you peace of mind, knowing your belongings won’t get damaged every time you leave your dog home alone.

How Do You Crate Train Larger Dogs?

Your first consideration should be the size of the crate. If you have a puppy of a large breed, anticipate its eventual body weight and adjust accordingly. During training, ensure your dog makes positive associations to their crate by lining the bottom with a blanket and placing your pup's favorite toy inside. When you put your dog inside, don't leave it there, alone. Sit beside the crate for 10 minutes at a time, gradually increasing your pet's time alone in the enclosure.

If you need help with dog training and other dog-related services, get in touch with Orchard Kennels. They cater specifically to large breeds like Saint Bernards and Great Danes, with a large outdoor exercise area where your loyal companion can play and socialize safely. The professional staff understands your big dog’s needs and will provide constant supervision. Call (315) 986-1605 for inquiries, or visit their website today.

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