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How to Deal With Broken or Fogged Glass May 16, 2018

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How to Deal With Broken or Fogged Glass, Rochester, New York

In homes and office buildings, clear windows are integral to maintaining a pristine and professional space and boosting mood and morale. When it comes to cars and driving, they’re essential to safety. As such, if you’re dealing with broken or fogged glass, it’s important to take action right away. Mr. Glass of Rochester, NY, works with everything from storefronts to windshields; the helpful team offers the following tips on how to handle both issues. 

Broken Glass Repair

Whether it was caused by a DIY home improvement project, a rambunctious pet, or a rogue baseball, broken glass can be dangerous. If a window cracks in a residential or commercial building, tape the rift until a professional arrives. This will protect kids and coworkers from cutting themselves or rain from seeping inside. The specialists will inspect the crack before devising a course of action; while small nicks can sometimes be patched, larger breaks require a window replacement.

If your car window breaks while on the road, pull over immediately and have it towed to a glass repair company. If this isn’t possible, call a technician who offers mobile repair services and will come to you. Driving with a broken window or windshield is dangerous and potentially fatal.

Fogged Glass Fixes

broken or fogged glassIf you notice the windows have become harder to see through, try cleaning them. If a store-bought solution doesn’t do the trick, opt for a more abrasive substance, such as toothpaste. This works well for headlight covers, and it may help with stuck-on windshield splatters. However, in some cases, a failing seal causes the fogginess. In these situations, outside air and moisture enter double-paned windows. To get rid of it, a professional will remove the humid air and repair the seal.

If you have broken or fogged glass in your home, building, or car, turn to the experts at Mr. Glass. They’ve been helping customers in the Rochester area see clearer for over 10 years, offering effective fixes by experienced and trained technicians. For more information on their broken or fogged glass offerings, including mobile services, visit the website. To speak directly with a friendly representative, call today at (585) 271-1270.

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