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Top 5 Karastan Carpet Care Tips May 16, 2018

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Top 5 Karastan Carpet Care Tips, Rochester, New York

Homeowners want to keep their flooring looking like new for as long as possible. For those who invest in a luxurious Karastan carpet, that maintenance requires extra care to prevent permanent spots and frays. Christie Carpets, located in Rochester, NY, has been providing beautiful products to residents for over 30 years. The helpful team shares some tips on how to upkeep the material.

5 Ways to Preserve Your Karastan Carpet 

1. Vacuum

Frequent vacuuming will help to extend the life of your carpet. When dust and debris accumulate in the material, the pollutants rub into the fibers and wear them out faster. With weekly or biweekly cleanings, you can keep the item in good shape for longer.

2. Rotate Furniture

Certain furniture arrangements expose vulnerable materials to exorbitant foot traffic and damaging UV rays. Periodically shift large pieces to better distribute the wear and extend the life of the carpet. It’s also helpful to keep it further from the windows and direct sunlight, as well as hallways and areas of high footfall.

3. Cut, Don’t Pull, Loose Fibers

When your Karastan carpet gets snagged, take care of the exposed fray as quickly as possible. If the snag continues pulling, it can enlarge and eventually create a bald spot in the material. Cutting it with a pair of scissors will keep the issue from growing.

4. Treat Liquid Spills Immediately

Karastan CarpetSpills are inevitable and, when they do occur, it’s important to clean them up as quickly as possible before they seep into the fibers. Blot up excess liquid and apply a solvent as needed. From wine to coffee, a fast reaction can keep the carpet looking like new.

5. Remove Food Thoroughly

Food is another stain-inducing culprit, but many spilled dishes can be cleaned up easily. Once the larger bits are removed, vacuum the spot repeatedly to get all the crumbs out of the carpet. Blot a wet cloth over the area to remove discoloration.

With a bit of care and maintenance, you can preserve delicate materials for years to come. If you are looking for stylish area rugs to put the finishing touches on your home, Christie Carpets sells gorgeous Karastan carpets that add a cozy, old-world charm to any space. With great deals and a wide inventory, you can find the right item to complement your style at an affordable price. Call today at (585) 663-5030 to speak with a friendly representative, or visit the website to learn more about their stock.

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