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The Do's & Don'ts of Growing Garden Plants May 16, 2018

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The Do's & Don'ts of Growing Garden Plants, Port Jervis, New York

Spring’s arrival is a particularly welcome sight for homeowners with a passion for gardening. But before adding garden plants to your landscape, it’s important to keep a few important factors in mind. To help you approach the task effectively, below is a list of do’s and don’ts to maximize growth and ensure the health of your greenery throughout the blooming season.


Prepare the soil.

Start by preparing the soil for the shrubs you plan on planting. Enhance the dirt by adding a high-quality fertilizer, and, as you dig, create enough depth in the ground to give roots the room they need to grow and expand. Once planted, add sufficient water to hydrate the roots.

Add mulch.

Garden PlantsYoung plants often need extra protection from outdoor conditions. Covering the soil with mulch allows them to stay hydrated and protects roots from severe weather exposure. Quality mulch also provides the nutrients garden plants need to thrive. You can choose between inorganic and organic varieties based on the local climate and soil type.


Plant in the wrong spot.

If this is your first time adding flowering shrubs, make sure to plant them according to their specific lighting requirements. Roses, for instance, fare better in a spot where they get at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. Others, like tulips and periwinkles, require full or partial shade to grow optimally.

Spray herbicides on seedlings.

Homeowners often use herbicides and weed killers as a proactive measure to eliminate weeds. But, these products can be especially detrimental to seedlings. The pre-emergent varieties are designed to prevent sprouting, causing irreparable damage to flowering garden plant seedlings in the process.


With a little care and upkeep, your greens can reach their full growth potential. For the best varieties of floral options and shrubs, reach out to the experts at Laurel Grove Florist. Since 1912, the flower company has furnished Port Jervis, NY, residents with spectacular arrangements and beautiful garden plants. For more information about their inventory, call (845) 856-2713 or visit their website

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