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4 Signs Your Ceiling Fan Needs to Be Replaced June 1, 2018

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4 Signs Your Ceiling Fan Needs to Be Replaced, Morgan, Ohio

Your ceiling fan helps keep your house nice and cool during the summer, so don’t ignore the signs if it’s time for a replacement. Even if the fan hasn’t completely stopped working, a number of issues could be causing it to work improperly. If you live near Cincinnati, OH, it’s worth your time to have a home repair specialist from Affordable Handyman examine the appliance. Any of these four signs may indicate a considerable problem.

4 Signs That You Should Replace Your Ceiling Fan

1. Excess Noise

home repairThough a certain amount of noise is expected from a properly working ceiling fan, it shouldn’t be overwhelmingly loud while it’s spinning. If you notice a loud humming or buzzing coming from your fan, contact a home repair specialist to see if it needs to be replaced.

2. Slow Speeds

If your ceiling fan is having trouble reaching its maximum speed, or if it barely seems to move at all, it likely needs to be replaced. The issue could be with your electrical wiring, or the fan could be suffering from poor blade balance.

3. Wobbling Blades

A wobbling ceiling fan could seriously hurt you or your loved ones if it comes loose and falls. If you notice that your fan is wobbling, call a home repair specialist immediately to see if it can be properly remounted.

4. Lack of Power

If your ceiling fan doesn’t turn on, there could be an issue with the electrical wiring or your circuit breaker. If a specialist can’t identify an electrical issue, it simply means that the fan has run its course and needs to be fully replaced.

Don’t get caught without a working ceiling fan when you need it most; if you notice any of these warning signs, call Affordable Handyman to get a proper replacement. Affordable Handyman has been serving the Tri-State area of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana for over 30 years, providing home repair, electrical wiring, and home safety modifications. Learn more about their services by visiting their website or by calling (513) 851-9333.