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3 Items a Courier Service Can't Accept May 16, 2018

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3 Items a Courier Service Can't Accept , Wasilla, Alaska

Many individuals and businesses depend on a courier service to ensure letters and packages get to their destination in a quick and timely manner. However, while courier services can help deliver many different items, they can’t take everything. As the team at Kid Curry Express in Wasilla, AK, explains, this isn’t because they can’t handle the job—it’s because certain items are actually illegal for them to deliver. 

3 Items You Can’t Send Through a Courier Service

1. Firearms & Other Weapons

Whether a sword, knife, handgun, or rifle is designed for personal use or as a collector’s item, a courier service cannot ship it for you. Such items always present some type of inherent risk of causing an injury or damaging other goods during the delivery process.

2. Hazardous Household Goods

courier serviceBleach, perfumes, and aerosols might not seem inherently dangerous at first glance, but these hazardous household goods can present real dangers during the shipping process. Many of these items are extremely combustible, which could put an entire shipment at risk. Toxic fumes and spills, likewise, make the shipping of such items potentially dangerous for delivery professionals.

3. Animal Products

Ivory, furs, and other animal parts also cannot be shipped through a courier service. Buying and selling ivory, as well as certain other animal products, is illegal in the United States. In an effort to stop illegal trading, the shipment of such items is also prohibited. Needless to say, courier services won’t be able to ship live animals, either.

If your package doesn’t include the items mentioned above, a courier service can likely deliver it. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact the express delivery team at Kid Curry Express. They’ll help you determine if you can ship your items and can even provide same-day delivery when needed. To learn more about this courier service, visit them online, or call (907) 373-3278 to speak with a friendly representative.

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