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A Brief Guide to Watersheds & Public Water Supplies June 7, 2018

New Haven, New Haven, CT
A Brief Guide to Watersheds & Public Water Supplies, New Haven, Connecticut

While we rely on public water for many aspects of modern survival—from drinking and bathing to cooking and washing clothes, we don’t always pay attention to where this resource comes from. The clean water providers at Regional Water Authority (RWA) of New Haven, CT, monitor and maintain your watersheds in order to provide high-quality water and services. You can help contribute to their preservation efforts while enjoying the great outdoors buy becoming an RWA recreation permit holder.

An Introductory Guide to Watersheds

What Is a Watershed?

Various forms of precipitation drain from watersheds into a single body, like a stream or lake. This is where we draw water for personal use, industrial use, and recreational opportunities like canoeing. These bodies of water also serve as habitats in the local ecosystem. Natural threats, like erosion, can tarnish watersheds and affect the people and animals who depend on them.

Why Must They Be Maintained?

public waterThe EPA states that $450 billion in essential industries like food and manufactured goods rely on the health and purity of watersheds. To ensure the condition of major waterways and bodies of water, concerned parties must attend to the watersheds that fill them. This environmental initiative is completely dependent on the efforts of humankind. Sediment, harmful bacteria, and an overabundance of certain nutrients can be harmful to a water source, requiring the constant monitoring and maintenance that the RWA provides.

How Can a Permit Help?

While public water treatment companies can purify water delivered to homes, you can do your part as an independent consumer to ensure the clarity of the local water supply. For example, in Connecticut, RWA’s watershed areas provide almost 60 miles of idyllic trails, five reservoirs, and a wheelchair-accessible lakeside dock. This allows New Haven area residents to enjoy hours of hiking, fishing, and other recreational activities in a local paradise.

By securing a Regional Water Authority Recreation Permit, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in these natural wonders while simultaneously contributing to a regional conservation organization. Just by pitching in and enjoying the great outdoors, you will safeguard the local watershed for years to come. Plus, permit holders get special access to guided nature walks, fishing derbies, and other private events.

To learn more about how you can enhance the public water supply and ecosystem, call Regional Water Authority at (203) 562-4020. They are proud to preserve over 27,000 acres of watershed land and supply clean water to 15 communities in the New Haven area. Visit the website to learn more about securing a permit today.

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