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3 Tips for Maximizing Your Washing Machine's Efficiency May 16, 2018

Cabot, Lonoke
3 Tips for Maximizing Your Washing Machine's Efficiency, Cabot, Arkansas

You use a washing machine on a weekly basis to keep your family clean and healthy. Unfortunately, they experience wear and tear over time and may become less efficient. Rather than jumping to a replacement, it’s better to ask your plumber about minor tweaks to keep the machine running as smoothly as possible. In Cabot, AR, families rely on Ron’s Express Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, Inc. to keep their frequently used appliances in top shape, optimizing cost-effectiveness and longevity. 

3 Ways a Cabot Plumber Recommends Maintaining Your Washing Machine

1. Enlist Routine Inspections

By scheduling an appointment each year or bi-annually, you can get ahead of minor issues before they exacerbate, saving tons of time and money. Your plumber will make note of any issues they notice and adjust parts so the unit is operating efficiently and using the right amount of water and power.

2. Install Proper Filters & Softeners 

plumberAreas that are known to have hard water are likely using their washing machine more inefficiently than others. Minerals that make the water “hard,” like iron, get caught in the filters and clog them up, causing the machine to use more power and water to run properly. By asking your plumber to replace the filters and install a water softener, you can minimize the amount of minerals that stop up the machine.

3. Wash Mindfully

When you load up the washer, try not to fill it all the way to the top, as a packed appliance will use more water to get the job done. You can also opt for cold water, which uses less energy, and cut down on the time you select for pre-soak or extra rinse cycles. 

When you need a plumber in Cabot, AR, there is no more reliable resource than Ron’s Express Plumbing & Drain Cleaning. They’ll tackle everything from an inefficient washing machine to broken pipes and other residential fixture issues. To schedule an appointment, reach out online or by phone at (501) 941-2933.

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