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3 Marketing Tips for Creating a Millennial-Friendly Brand May 15, 2018

Flushing, Queens
3 Marketing Tips for Creating a Millennial-Friendly Brand, Queens, New York

In today’s ever-changing world, it’s essential for your brand to make an instant impact. If your goal is to reach millennials, that starts with a successful marketing strategy. The promotional design experts at AM Design Studio of Flushing, NY, share some suggestions for creating a branding campaign that connects with your intended audience.

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out to Millennials

1. Connect With Them

marketingMaking your millennial customers a marketing priority will help bridge the gap that affects your bottom line. Take your inspiration from brands that make it a point to reward their client base for their patronage and loyalty. Determine how you can connect with your customers on a personal level and use your marketing campaign to promote those perks.

2. Produce Genuine Content

Over 85% of millennials have smartphones; and, approximately 83% of them use Facebook and 53% use Instagram. There’s strength in those numbers, and it’s worth recognizing that you need to do more than just post occasionally — your brand needs to develop quality content. The information you provide should be useful, actionable, and memorable. That may mean providing frequent coupons, sharing engaging videos, or responding regularly to community posts.

3. Make It Mobile

Don’t think for a minute that your company can succeed in the millennial universe if you don’t have a mobile presence. If you don’t yet have a website that’s optimized for phones and tablets, hire a solid web development team to bring your vision to life. Even better, work with a company that can create a graphic design portfolio that captures the spirit of your company. Use the branding and logos developed to establish yourself online and on your mobile platforms.

Show your millennial customers that you respect their values, understand their needs, and are enthusiastic about your brand. With the assistance of AM Design Studio, you can create a genuine marketing strategy that goes beyond the traditional plan to effectively reach your customers. Visit their website to learn about their branding, graphic design, and web development services, or give them a call at (347) 732-9271.

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