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Roofing Contractor Shares 3 Common Gutter Problems & Their Solutions May 18, 2018

Nebraska City, Otoe
Roofing Contractor Shares 3 Common Gutter Problems & Their Solutions, Nebraska City, Nebraska

Gutters keep your roof and foundation free of standing water and potential damage. Therefore, their maintenance is imperative to the health of your entire home. That is why Knapp Roofing, an elite roofing contractor in Nebraska City, NE, has revealed the most common gutter issues and how to fix them.

Gutter Issues & How to Resolve Them

1. Clogged Gutters

roofing contractorGutters often collect fallen debris. From dead leaves, branches, animal nests, and even the odd toy or ball, they are prone to clogging. This is the most well-known issue and the easiest to resolve. Invest in regular gutter cleaning and inspections to ensure the pipes are free from clutter. This is especially important in the spring, summer, and fall season. However, snow and ice can be problematic for your gutters as well. Inspect them at least once monthly and clear out as needed.

2. Joint Leaks

If your gutters are made up of multiple separate parts, you may experience leaking at one point or another. This can happen when screws loosen or materials shift or wear down. Drastic changes in temperature, house settlement, and severe storms can all create this problem. This issue can be resolved through the use of silicone caulk. Visit your nearby home goods store for the product and simply spread the caulk over the affected areas. Once dried, it will re-seal the leaks.

3. Warping

Whether it’s through damage or old age, gutters can potentially bend or warp over time. If this occurs, flowing water will have a much harder time as it will be forced to travel uphill. This could result in improper drainage and overflow. This problem requires full removal of the warped parts. Replace these areas with new hardware. This fix often requires professional roofing services to ensure the installation is done properly.

Whether you’re experiencing gutter problems or need roofing repairs, call Knapp Roofing. Based in Nebraska City, NE, they are the go-to roofing contractor in the area. With more than 15 years of experience, their highly-trained team specializes in siding repair, shingle replacement, and roofing installation. As a fully licensed and accredited staff, you can trust in their expertise. For more information on this roofing contractor, visit their website or call (402) 297-0782 today.

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