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Local Painter Shares 3 Tips for Coloring Your Bathroom May 16, 2018

Hampton Bays, Southampton
Local Painter Shares 3 Tips for Coloring Your Bathroom, Southampton, New York

The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms of the house. As such, it is important that it feels welcoming, clean, and comfortable. The color scheme used to decorate, including the paint on the walls as well as accessories, can make all the difference when it comes to the feel of the room. This is why GM House Painting & Power Washing, a top painter in Hampton Bays, NY, share tips to help you coordinate the perfect restroom.

Top Tips for Your Bathroom Color Scheme

1. Consider the Message

painterDifferent colors give off different feelings and messages. For example, red is a power color that speaks of boldness and passion. Because it is so vibrant, it can also make small rooms appear slightly overwhelmed. Instead, choose a soft, clean color for your bathroom. A light, dusty blue on the walls is calm, refreshing, and attracts a lot of light. This helps make the area seem larger and cleaner.

2. Go Natural

You can never go wrong with a natural-looking color scheme for any room. Greens, golds, and browns create a beautiful look that is crisp and earthy. This scheme pairs exceptionally well with wooden fixtures such as floors or shutters. Green is the color of trees and grass, which are associated with relaxing outdoor features. This color scheme, then, will make guests feel tranquil and reinvigorated.

3. Add an Accent

Playing it safe with whites and neutrals is a great choice; however, you can boost the style of your bathroom by adding an accent piece. Perhaps your shower is designed using multi-colored tiles. Against a white backdrop, this will attract the eye immediately and give energy to the area. Likewise, you may paint a single wall a different, complementary color. Whatever accent you choose, ensure the undertones line up with your current scheme. For example, if your walls are a gray-blue, consider a yellow that has cool undertones, as well.

Choosing a color scheme for your bathroom doesn't have to be difficult. Hiring in a professional painter is the best way to ensure a high-quality job. Trust GM House Painting & Power Washing to take care of your property. As an expert in commercial and residential painting, they specialize in high-end projects, as well as interior and exterior painting and siding. For more information on this painter, visit their website or call (631) 255-5082 today.

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