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5 Types of Fish to Look For While Scuba Diving in Hawaii May 16, 2018

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5 Types of Fish to Look For While Scuba Diving in Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii

For many vacationers who visit Hawaii, scuba diving is one of the most memorable experiences they recall. During an exploration of the Pacific Ocean, you’ll encounter some aquatic life unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. As the premier provider of scuba tours in the Honolulu, HI, area, Banzai Divers shares a few of the tropical fish you could spot during a dive.

5 Types of Fish You Could Encounter While Scuba Diving in Hawaii

1. Leaf Fish

This wondrous beauty is like the chameleon of the seas; every 10 to 14 days, it sheds its skin, which can come back in an entirely different color. You could spot this leaf-like creature in pink, red, brown, green, yellow, or white.

2. Millet Butterflyfish

The iconic, yellow-finned beauty is marked by a black mask and a spot near its tailfin. It’s among the most widely recognized fish in the waters of Hawaii and might be spotted in shallow waters near reefs.

3. Tropical Reef Triggerfish

scuba diving Honolulu HIIn Hawaii, this finned, cartoonish creature is referred to as the humuhumunukunukuapua’a and is the official state fish. It has a narrow, triangular snout and features geometric black and yellow patterns against a predominantly white body. Just be sure to give this fish its space, as it is known for being territorial.

4. Baldwin Pipefish

Resembling long, red ribbons, these fish are related to the seahorse and grow to be just 4 inches long. It’s best known for inhabiting reef slopes and rocky crevices up to 50 meters underwater.

5. Devil Scorpionfish

It’s no wonder this sneaky predator has the word “devil” in its name; with the ability to camouflage against the ocean floor and venomous spines, it is quite dangerous indeed. While its sting is painful, it isn’t considered life-threatening. As with all species of fish, the “look but don’t touch” guideline certainly applies here.

Of course, this is only a handful of the species you could encounter during your Hawaiian scuba diving excursion. Don’t forget about dolphins, sea turtles, and rays, too. If you’re interested in spotting some of the Pacific Ocean’s most stunning aquatic life firsthand, book a trip for the whole family at Banzai Divers by calling (808) 462-8290. Learn more about package rates and tour details by visiting their website.

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