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4 Spring Decorating Trends for Your New Home June 7, 2018

4 Spring Decorating Trends for Your New Home , Houston County, Texas

When you buy or build a new home, one of the first things you’ll want to do is make it your own. If you’ve recently moved in, take inspiration from some of this season’s hottest interior design trends. SWE Homes in Houston, TX, is one of the area’s leading residential and commercial property real estate companies. Here, they offer four helpful ideas to get you started. 

How to Style Your New Home

1. Plants & Natural Materials 

Blurring the lines between outside and in has been a significant trend of the past few years. Consider adding vibrant houseplants on various surfaces, including windowsills, shelves, and side tables. Also, incorporate natural materials such as bamboo, wood, and stone in furniture and decor. 

2. Metallic Accents

new home houston TXMixing metallics with other elements, including natural materials, offers a stylish complement when done correctly. The most popular shades this year are warm, matte colors such as bronze, brass, and gold. Include these through decorative features like plant pots and vases, coffee and end tables, drawer pulls, and cabinet handles. Other options to consider are nailhead accent chairs and ottomans if you’re looking for a furniture upgrade.

3. Texture 

Creating a cozy vibe is a significant trend, inspired in part by the hygge culture that’s made its way from Denmark to the states. This season, textures like fringe, macrame, tassels, and feathers are popular for making homes appear warm and comfortable. Wall hangings, rugs, throws, and cushions are all charming accessories that make a space feel snug too. 

4. Ice Cream Colors 

Ice cream colors are another popular style trend for spring and summer. The color palette mixes well with others, so you can paint these bright pastels on the walls or use them as a trim. You can also incorporate these shades in furniture and decorative accessories, from picture frames to accent rugs and pillows. 

Along with the ideas above, speak with a real estate agent or interior designer to get inspired. The creative team at SWE Homes forms long-lasting relationships with their clients and offers expert guidance in their domestic endeavors. If you’re in the market for a new home or commercial property, the real estate professionals will also help secure a great deal. Call today at (713) 413-1000 to schedule an appointment or reach out through their website

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