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What to Store on Kitchen Countertops & What to Avoid July 28, 2018

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What to Store on Kitchen Countertops & What to Avoid, Red Bank, New Jersey

Upgrading kitchen countertops is one of the most popular home renovations and instantly boosts the home’s appeal, creating a more elegant, high-end appearance. Once they’re installed securely, however, it’s vital to keep custom countertops protected and know what to store on them to maintain an attractive and organized kitchen. Whether you prefer luxurious quartz or contemporary nano glass countertops, here’s what to store on the surface—and what you should avoid.

What to Store


Storing fruits and vegetables over elegant custom countertops adds appeal and helps produce last longer. When it’s visible, you’re more likely to eat the fruit before it spoils. Place them in a decorative basket or canister for a welcoming appearance. 

Paper Products

Rather than rummaging through every drawer seeking out paper towels, have them readily available on the countertop. This makes them easy to grab when you need them. Plus, the lightweight paper won’t cause any damage to the surface. Install a holder near the sink for convenient access.


No matter how often you cook, having your tools in an easy-to-reach location is a must-have. Create an organized appearance by installing a crock or store everything in a decorative vase that blends with the counters. This will give you a convenient space to store ladles, spoons, tongs, vegetable peelers, and everything else you need to cook. Keep your favorite spices, salt, and pepper in a matching container nearby for added accessibility.

What Not to Store

Unused Appliances

custom countertopsIf you use the coffee maker and microwave every day, they’re okay to store on the countertops. However, small grills, sandwich makers, blenders, and other rarely used appliances are taking up space so store them on a shelf until their next use.

Collective Decor

While it might be tempting to place those antique figurines on the counters, they could scratch the surface. They also take up space that’s best saved for the equipment you need for cooking. Find another place for these to free up more space.


Unless you entertain daily, there’s no need for the dishes and glassware to take up space on custom countertops; they distract from the surface’s beauty and create a disorganized vibe. Store serving pieces in kitchen racks for unique decor or move them to the dining room.


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