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3 Important Advantages of Funeral Pre-Planning May 15, 2018

3 Important Advantages of Funeral Pre-Planning, Indianapolis city, Indiana

Although the concept of funeral pre-planning may seem unusual, the practice is growing in popularity. There are several reasons why people may opt to visit a funeral home to learn more about this service. If you’re curious about what it entails and how it might benefit you, here are some advantages to consider.

3 Reasons to Consider Funeral Pre-Planning

1. Ease the Pain for Family

One of the greatest gifts you can give loved ones is simple thoughtfulness. Funeral pre-planning allows you to spare them from making difficult choices during an emotional time. They may be uncertain about your wishes, such as whether you would prefer burial or cremation services. Those doubts could easily cause misgivings among family who wish to do their best by you. Funeral planning in advance allows the family the time to grieve in peace, without worrying about whether they’re making the right decisions.

2. Save Loved Ones From Financial Strain

Indianapolis, IN funeralDealing with financial concerns in the aftermath of a death can be overwhelming. Funeral costs can quickly add up, leaving the family in a difficult position. During the funeral pre-planning process, you can assume the costs associated with the service so that loved ones aren’t burdened with financial worries. This will provide them with immense peace during a difficult time.

3. Provide the Family With Your Final Wishes

It’s not unusual for loved ones to be uncertain about what the deceased would have wanted. Funeral pre-planning allows you to convey any final wishes in full. You can select everything from specific readings to speakers and music. You might opt for a cremation service or a simple memorial service over a funeral. Making these decisions in advance is a thoughtful way to set the family at ease and give them the comfort of knowing that they’re doing exactly what you want.


The compassionate staff at Shirley Brothers Mortuaries & Crematory understands that funeral pre-planning is a delicate situation. Based in Indianapolis, IN, they’re available to answer questions and help you make important funeral planning decisions that best honor your wishes. Visit the funeral home’s website for more information or call them at (317) 897-9606.

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