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5 Common Examples of Identity Theft May 16, 2018

5 Common Examples of Identity Theft, ,

Identity theft may seem unlikely, but it, unfortunately, affects people every day. It’s important to monitor all your financials and important documents to prevent them from being taken or used. The seasoned team at Diligent Credit Solutions in Hauppauge, NY, provides identity protection services to the residents of Long Island; here, they break down the most common examples of this form of fraud.

Types of Identity Theft to Watch Out For

1. Compromised ATM Card

Always be diligent in checking accounts to ensure all transactions are approved. Someone can take the card, get access to PIN numbers, or simply hack into the bank account and start spending. In these scenarios, it’s crucial to contact your provider as soon as possible to stop fraudulent activity before too much damage is done.

2. Stolen Checks

Though many don’t use these daily, a stolen check is one of the most common forms of identity theft. Maybe after mailing it to your landlord, they claim it never arrived though it was nevertheless cashed—it’s possible someone took and spent the money. If this happens, notify the bank immediately to rectify the situation. 

3. Social Security Number Taken

identity theftA Social Security number (SSN) can be taken and misused for credit fraud. With it, a thief may open lines of credit in your name and not pay the balances, resulting in bills and a drastically lower score. It’s best to check your credit lines and score every few months to ensure there is no suspicious activity.

4. Medical Identity Theft

Receiving bills for medical services you never had or learning your coverage has been used are both symptoms of medical identity theft. Those who steal this information will use it for their own health and accrue thousands of dollars of debt for the victim, negatively impacting their credit. Speak with your insurance company and file a report right away if there are signs of fraud.

5. Driver’s License Wrongfully Used

Whether you’ve lost a wallet, or someone has stolen your driver’s license, that form of identity can easily be used to open accounts. As soon these items are missing, contact the DMV and bank and keep an eye on your credit for new accounts that aren’t authorized. 

If you need identity theft protection, visit the team at Diligent Credit Solutions in Hauppauge, NY. In addition to protection products and services, when credit fraud takes place, their staff will immediately assess and handle the issue, notifying credit reporting agencies and creditors to minimize the impact. To learn more about how they can assist, visit them online. Call (631) 656-4300 today to speak with a Long Island credit repair representative. 

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