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Learn How to Pack & Organize Your Storage Unit May 15, 2018

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Learn How to Pack & Organize Your Storage Unit, Columbia Falls, Montana

Packing and organizing a storage unit might as well be a fine art. However, once you master it, you’ll never have any trouble accessing your belongings. CJ’s Storage of Columbia Falls, MT, is here with some advice on how to make the process quick and easy. Below is more information from your local storage solution provider. 

Your Guide to Packing & Organizing Storage Units


Prior to selecting a self-storage unit, take inventory of everything you plan to put in it. Disassemble larger items and box everything else up, then make an approximation of how much space you’ll need. It’s not a bad idea to select a self-storage unit with some extra room, as you will likely grow into it over time. As you finish packing your belongings, keep in mind that you should never store anything that is perishable, flammable, or hazardous. For extra protection, use cloths or plastic sheaths to cover linens and upholstery, and insulate breakables with bubble wrap.

Organizing storage unit

Once you’ve packed and prepared your belongings, you’ll want to place them in your storage unit in a logical arrangement. Always stack boxes from heaviest to lightest, and place larger boxes at the bottom of the pile. Save space by filling hollow furniture items, such as bookshelves and drawer sets, with some of your smaller boxes. Keep items you expect to use more frequently toward the front of the unit or within easy reach. Finally, create a series of pathways in the space for you to walk through so you can retrieve belongings without hassle.

When you need simple and practical storage solutions, CJ’s storage will provide a safe and secure home away from home for your belongings. Give them a call at (406) 892-1272 today to speak with a welcoming customer service representative about renting your own storage unit. Visit them online to learn more about moving, self-storage, and other services. 

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