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Protect Your Home from Hail Damage May 29, 2018

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Protect Your Home from Hail Damage, 1, Tennessee

Although hailstorms are fairly common in Tennessee and can cause considerable damage, there are ways to protect homes and vehicles to prevent or minimize such damage when the forecast calls for hail. Here is some advice from Farmers Mutual of Tennessee, one of Tennessee’s leading providers, on how to protect your property. 

Prevent It

There are some ways you can protect your home from significant hail damage. First, maintain the structure. Weakened walls and a sagging roof are more vulnerable to serious damage in general. Some homeowners also install storm shutters and an impact-resistant roof, which can reduce home insurance premiums. As for protecting any vehicles, park them in a garage or under a carport before the storm, or purchase designated hail blankets and cover them.  

Identifying It

If a severe hailstorm occurs, visually inspect the gutters, windows, and siding for any dents or other indicators of hail damage. Signs of hail damage include crooked gutters, cracked windows, and dimpled siding. If you suspect there is damage, notify your agent immediately in order to schedule a professional who can properly access the damage. Avoid climbing onto the roof yourself to avoid injury and even damage to the roof.

By following these suggestions, you may be able to avoid damages that could result in a large home insurance claim. For more information on protecting your property, get in touch with the team at Farmers Mutual of Tennessee. Since 1913, they have provided quality insurance coverage at an affordable price to residents throughout the state of Tennessee. Their local independent agent will be happy to help you find the right coverage for your home, mobile home, rental dwelling, or farm at a price that suits your budget. Give Farmers Mutual of Tennessee a call today at (800) 824-9555, and visit them online for more information.

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