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Which Casters & Wheels Are Best to Use in the Hotel Industry? May 15, 2018

Garment District, Manhattan
Which Casters & Wheels Are Best to Use in the Hotel Industry?, Manhattan, New York

In the hospitality industry, you’ll have to make many decisions about how to best serve your clientele while also considering costs. One choice that many managers face, concerns casters and wheels. Bellman carts for instance, should they be equipped with a pneumatic option or a thermal plastic rubber. With some advice from the respected caster company, Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling, in Farmingdale, NY, you’ll be able to figure out exactly which option is right for your needs. Read on for a guide of how to spec out each product.  

Thermal Plastic Rubber Vs. Pneumatic Casters & Wheels for Hotels

Load Capacity 

casters and wheels This metric refers to how much weight the casters can support. Typical Bellman Carts are equipped with either 8” pneumatic casters which can handle up to 250 pounds or 8” TPR Rubber (Thermal Plastic Rubber) casters which have a load capacity of roughly 680 pounds. While the pneumatic option should be enough for most luggage, it may not be enough for all of it. It’s worth reflecting on the typical use of the cart itself.

Application Surface

If your hotel has mostly hard surfaces, you’re likely to have better results with pneumatic casters and wheels, since they are shock absorbent. TPR Rubber, on the other hand, travels better on soft surfaces, so they’ll roll easier on carpeting.  

Price & Appearance

Both pneumatic casters and casters with TPR rubber wheels can be ordered in brass or nickel plating, which can give the appearance of elegance. Ordering casters with this type of plating tend to be more expensive. With both types, you’ll have the option of flat wheels or crowned wheels.  

For more help determining which type of casters and wheels are best for your hotel’s needs, reach out to Casters, Wheels, and Industrial Handling. The professionals are experts of every type of related product from furniture casters to those for luggage carts, so they have all the information you need to make a great choice. Speak to a knowledgeable sales representative by calling (631) 650-0500. Learn more about the company by visiting their website.  

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