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Plumber Explains How to Locate Your Water Main in an Emergency May 15, 2018

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Plumber Explains How to Locate Your Water Main in an Emergency, Washingtonville, New York

If water is flooding into your home from a fixture or a pipe, you’ll need to turn off the source as soon as possible to prevent further damage. With some assistance from a reputable plumber like A. Stevens Plumbing & Heating in Southern Orange County, NY, you can quickly learn how to find the water main and cut off the supply. Below, this team outlines how you can find your home’s water main. 

A Plumber’s Guide to Finding Your Water Main

First Try the Local Valve

plumberThe best resolution to a leak or overflow is if you can stop the water at a nearby choke point. Your home may have “cut-off” points installed in the plumbing that you can easily access on your own. If the sink is the problem, look below for any kind of valve. With toilets, there may be a valve behind the fixture. A few clockwise turns should help you immediately stop the water. 

Then Proceed to the Water Main

If your home doesn’t seem to have any cut-off points, you’ll have to find the water main in your home. In most cases, that means you’ll need to head down to the basement. Look for any valve that is against a wall. Sometimes it may be in the crawl space. On some properties, the water main is on the edge of the property. If you don’t see it in the basement, take a brisk walk around the perimeter of your home with your eyes peeled for any valve — it will probably only rise to the height of your knee or waist. 

Try Excavation as a Last Resort

When you cannot find your water main in an emergency, it’s best to call in the plumber as soon as possible. There is usually a water meter on your property that is buried and requires some know-how and tools to excavate. If you do locate it on your own, it’s worth noting that there are two shut-off valves. One is controlled by the water company, and it’s unlikely you’ll have the right tools to shut it off. But the second valve should help you stop the water. 

During a water emergency, turn off your water main and then immediately reach out to A. Stevens Plumbing & Heating. The plumber is known for their fast response and mastery in solving all pipe-related issues. You can speak to one of their technicians by calling (845) 496-5903. Learn more about this Orange County plumbing company by visiting their website

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