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3 Ways Bathroom Renovations Can Make Your Home More Efficient May 15, 2018

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3 Ways Bathroom Renovations Can Make Your Home More Efficient, Gales Ferry, Connecticut

Homeowners implement bathroom renovations for many reasons. Some want a change of decor, and some understand that upgrading your bathroom can help make your home more energy and water-efficient, reducing your utility bills and minimizing your impact on the planet. Below, Premo & Son’s Home Improvement, in Gales Ferry, CT, shares three ways your renovation can affect your home’s water and electricity usage, so you can get a kick-start on greening up your house.

Improve Water and Energy Efficiency With These 3 Tips

1. Upgrade Plumbing

If your home features older plumbing, consider upgrading. Old pipes can be rusty and corroded, increasing your potential for water and sewage leaks as well as clogs. To reduce the likelihood of wasting water through leaks and clogs, install new pipes. 

2. Improve Natural Lighting

bathroom renovations Gales Ferry CTYour bathroom can be a major source of electricity use between overhead and vanity lighting and running appliances, like hair dryers. To cut down on wattage, install additional windows during your bathroom renovations. Windows offer natural sunlight and can warm your bathroom in the winter, which will help minimize heating costs.

3. Install a High-efficiency Toilet

Typical toilets use around 1.6 gallons of water for every flush. You can further improve on this number by opting for a high-efficiency toilet that uses just 1.3 gallons. To minimize water use even more, homeowners may install a dual-flush toilet during their bathroom renovations, with an average flush of 1.1 gallons of water.


By swapping out your toilet, upgrading your plumbing, and putting in extra windows, your bathroom renovations can prove helpful in reducing your utility costs and cutting back on water and energy use. To learn about additional ways to make your new bathroom more earth-friendly, call the expert team at Premo and Son’s Home Improvement at (860) 770-2331. Visit the website for information on their home remodeling services. The contractors can knock down walls, install windows, redesign cabinets, upgrade fixtures, replace tiles, or anything else you may need to meet your goals.