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4 Ways to Use Propane This Summer May 15, 2018

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4 Ways to Use Propane This Summer, West Plains, Missouri

The warm weather of summer encourages everyone to get outside and enjoy the sun. You can help ensure this summer is the best one yet by investing in propane. This elite source of energy can fuel your activities and make them amazing in an instant. According to West Plains Propane, a top gas company in Howell County, MO, there are several specific ways a tank can be used this summer.

How Propane Can Be Used This Summer

1. Have a Picnic

propaneThe warm weather means you'll want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Don't break up the fun by going inside for meals. Instead, plan out a picnic for your family and friends. Bring the grill and a propane tank to cook up your favorite foods. Hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, and even fruits and vegetables will taste better when eaten in the sunshine.

2. Take a Dip

Jumping into a pool is one of the most refreshing parts of the warm season. If your water is not heated, however, you might have to wait until the middle of the summer or when it’s especially hot before it’s warm enough to use. Start swimming early by investing in a propane-heated pool or hot tub. This can heat up large bodies of water in a quick and even fashion, so you don't have to wait to go swimming.

3. Add to the Atmosphere

Spend your summer nights out on the patio with some cold drinks and close friends. Create a fun, vacation-like atmosphere in your own backyard by adding propane-powered tiki torches. Not only do these look amazing, but they can also provide a bit of heat on cooler evenings. Pesky insects, such as mosquitoes, will be drawn to their warmth, meaning your skin will be protected all night long.

4. Live Reliably

Unfortunately, summer also brings storms. Heavy rain, winds, and thunder and lightning might be exciting, but they can also damage your electrical system. Those relying on electricity could lose power for days if this were to occur. Keep your energy consistent by running your home off of a propane-filled generator. This allows you to continue your normal life, even if the rest of the neighborhood is out of power.

Pick up some propane today to improve your summer fun. Those in Howell County trust West Plains Propane as their preferred propane technician. They help power a number of appliances and can service both home and business owners alike. With over 56 years of experience, their knowledge and expertise are unsurpassable. For more information on their propane gas services, visit their website, or call (417) 256-3470 today to speak with a friendly representative.

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