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What are Computer Glasses? May 14, 2018

Spencerport, Monroe
What are Computer Glasses? , Spencerport, New York

If you work on a computer all day, you likely are no stranger to the headaches, dry eyes, and blurred vision that come with chronic eyestrain. Computer glasses differ from regular eyeglasses or readers and can dramatically lesson symptoms of computer vision syndrome.  Find out below whether you could benefit from computer glasses.

All About Computer Glasses

What Are Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses are specially made to reduce eyestrain associated with working on a computer for long periods of time. They have an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare. Often, the lenses are tinted to minimize screen glare even more. Computer eyeglasses look like regular glasses and are available in prescription or non-prescription lenses.

Benefits of Using Computer Glasses

Using specialized glasses reduces eyestrain and the other symptoms of computer vision syndrome, which may increase your overall productivity and morale. If you find you are squinting or hunching toward your computer, computer glasses also may contribute to better ergonomics and decrease neck and back pain caused by poor posture.

Types of Lenseseyeglasses-exam

Your optometrist can fit your computer glasses with different lenses depending on your age and vision needs.

  • Single Vision lenses are for people of all ages who spend several hours on a computer. They can have a prescription or no prescription.
  • Occupational Progressive Lenses are used to correct intermediate and near vision. They are best for near vision tasks and are not appropriate for driving or other distance vision needs.
  • Occupational Bi- and tri-focal lenses are customizable. Vision zones are made specifically for your work-related tasks. They are designed to help people over age 40 with presbyopia.  

Where to Buy Computer Glasses

You may order computer glasses from your eye doctor. To ensure the right configuration, you will want to sit at your workstation and measure the distance from the bridge of your nose to your computer screen. Talk to your doctor about your specific symptoms and needs. If you work for more than 6 hours a day on a computer or regularly experience eyestrain, you are a good candidate for computer glasses.


You don’t have to endure the eyestrain and blurry vision that accompany computer vision syndrome. The optometrists at Spencerport Optical, in Spencerport, NY, offer eye exams, prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses, sunglasses, and fashion eyewear. Call (585) 352-1960 to schedule an appointment or go to their website to learn more about their services.

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