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Understanding Different Types of Fuel February 1, 2019

Lynne, Oneida
Understanding Different Types of Fuel, Lynne, Wisconsin

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who drives regularly, you likely have to fuel up every week or so. And chances are that you opt for unleaded gas without considering the other available options. But understanding the differences between unleaded, plus, and premium gasoline enables drivers to make the best choice for their vehicle’s performance. Tri-Mart BP, a gas station in Tripoli, WI, explains the most notable distinctions. 

What Are the Differences Between the 3 Types of Gasoline?


gas stationUnleaded gasoline is the cheapest of the three major gasoline types, usually running around 20 cents less than plus and up to 50 cents less than premium. The price difference is its major advantage, and it’s the reason why most people fill their vehicles up with unleaded gas. 


Plus usually runs somewhere between 15 and 30 cents more than unleaded, depending on the station. Also known as mid-grade gasoline, this fuel grade is required by or strongly recommended for certain car models. Beyond that, plus gasoline slightly improves fuel economy and may help faltering engines run better. 


Premium is the most expensive of the three types of gasoline and provides the greatest fuel efficiency. Premium is also the best gasoline for your engine, preventing issues like knocking and pinging. Luxury automobile brands like BMW® and Mercedes® actually require the use of premium fuel in some of their models. 

Unleaded, plus, and premium gasoline each provide their own advantages, and all are available at Tripoli's Tri-Mart BP. Whether you need a quick fuel-up or are ravenous for some car snacks, many commuters and road-trippers have relied on Tri-Mart BP for their offerings since 1992. Visit the gas station and convenience store's website to learn more about its services, or call directly at (715) 564-2440. 

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