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Why Spring Is the Best Time to Prune Trees May 15, 2018

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Why Spring Is the Best Time to Prune Trees, Macedon, New York

For many, May marks the beginning of a gardening season that lasts until September. But, you shouldn't wait too long to start tree pruning. In fact, the middle of spring may be the best time to do it. T & L Tree and Landscape based in Macedon, NY, explains why you want to do most or all of your pruning in spring.

Guide to Spring Tree Pruning 

First Bloom

tree pruningPruning trees and shrubs in the spring allows you to see what parts of the flora are healthy and which aren't. Those branches and limbs that aren't growing will be visible and can be pruned.

Mild Temperature

Tree pruning can be an intense, lengthy project. You don't want to wait until the humid summer months to do this job. Springtime offers the best chance to get outside, start pruning, and enjoy the beginning of the gardening season without finding the task too burdensome because of the heat. 

Aesthetic Beauty All Summer

Spring is the best season to get your garden and yard ready to be enjoyed and shown off during the summer months. You don't want to have trees with mangled or diseased branches in the middle of your garden’s spotlight season. Use spring gardening time to prune away sickly limbs so that trees can be at their fullest and most beautiful in June and beyond.

Your trees’ health is dependent on proper pruning every year, so trust a professional to successfully tackle this project. Serving Rochester, Pittsford, Brighton, Victor, and the surrounding areas, the professionals at T & L Tree and Landscape work with homeowners and businesses to get their lawns and gardens into the best condition possible. The team specializes in tree and hedge trimming, stump removal, and other tree care. Visit their website to learn more about their tree pruning services or call them at (585) 223-3190.

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