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3 Reasons to Check Your AC Unit Before Summer May 16, 2018

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3 Reasons to Check Your AC Unit Before Summer, Rochester, New York

As warmer weather approaches, you’ll want to turn on the AC to stay cool. However, flipping that switch before contacting a heating and cooling contractor can cause trouble with the unit. Avoid serious central air conditioning repair or replacement by getting your unit checked and cleaned before summer arrives.

3 Reasons to Check the AC Before Summer

1.  Idle Air Conditioners Get Dirty

When the AC sits untouched for many months, it can collect dirt and dust. Clogged systems work hard to pump air into the home, which can reduce their effectiveness and efficiency and may result in costly central air conditioning repair. Have an HVAC contractor clean the condenser coils, clear out any excess debris, and replace the filter. Follow up by changing your AC filter every 90 days. You may want to do this more frequently if you have pets or seasonal allergies.

2. You May Have Winter Weather Damage 

central air conditioning repairWinter weather may have damaged the refrigerant lines, pipe insulation, or unit panels. A refrigerant leak can make the AC freeze up and eventually break down. Have your HVAC contractors inspect the unit to make sure it’s working. 

3. Your System May Be Outdated 

Older systems aren’t built for energy efficiency and may cause temperature regulation issues. Cranking up the AC only increases your energy expenditure without improving the air indoors. Heating and cooling contractors can see if you need central air conditioning repairs or replacements. They can also perform an energy audit to reduce your output and cut down on utility bills.


Make sure the AC is running like it should with help from Feldman Heating & Cooling in Rochester, NY. They provide the community with the most reliable heating central air conditioning repair, maintenance, and service in the area. Their team of trained technicians will tackle all your HVAC needs and offer advice on how to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Visit them online to learn more about their available services or call (585) 288-2050 to schedule an appointment.

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