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Why Grease Is Problematic for Septic Systems May 15, 2018

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Why Grease Is Problematic for Septic Systems, Corbin, Kentucky

Most restaurants regularly handle fats and oils, which means they must take steps to keep those substances out of their plumbing. With time, insoluble grease leftovers develop a thick layer of scum on top of the septic tank and cause a number of drainage issues. However, regular grease trap cleaning can help prevent this problem and keep the septic system in good shape.

How Grease Affects Septic Systems

Septic processes are designed to break down and eliminate degradable biological waste. But they aren't supposed to handle large quantities of fats, oils, and grease in the system, so these contaminants can accumulate and solidify inside the tank over time. If not addressed quickly, a number of problems can develop:

  • Grease Trap CleaningSewer Line Blockages: Fat buildups create a crust inside sewer lines, making it harder for wastewater to drain. The issue becomes further complicated when the deposits mix in with soap during dishwashing. Soap and grease scum eventually turn into clogs and cause water to back up inside your plumbing.
  • Drainpipe Damage: Clogs from hardened grease deposits are also notorious for damaging drainpipes and other plumbing equipment. If the system fails to handle increasing wastewater pressure, the pipes may crack or erode.
  • Contaminated Leach Field: Once oil and fat solids pass through the exit pipes, they end up shutting down the drain holes leading to the leach field. This throws even the most efficient septic mechanism off-balance and disrupts the water table.

How Grease Trap Cleaning Helps

It’s essential for businesses to schedule commercial grease trap cleaning on a routine basis. Proper upkeep of these interceptors helps keep fats, oil, and grease from mixing in with the sewage and wreaking havoc on the septic unit. As an added measure, avoid discarding leftover grease in kitchen drains. Be sure to wipe up traces of fats from pans and dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.


A clogged septic system is something no restaurant business looks forward to. Prevent this problem with help from the grease trap cleaning services Cox’s Septic Service has to offer. Specializing in commercial septic maintenance, their team serves clients throughout Corbin, KY, and the surrounding areas. If you need septic care solutions, call them up at (606) 528-4782 to set up an appointment. Find out how they can help you by taking a tour of their website.

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