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4 Ways to Make Assisted Living Feel More Like Home May 14, 2018

4 Ways to Make Assisted Living Feel More Like Home, West Plains, Missouri

For many elderly family members, the move into a retirement home can be a difficult one. Coping with the notion of needing regular nursing care while having to leave one’s home is an emotional process. Thankfully, the professional senior care providers of West Vue in West Plains, MO, are well-practiced at making the transition as smooth as possible.

How to Create a Homey Feel in a Retirement Home

1. Prioritize Favorite Decor Items

Moving into a retirement community usually means having to downsize, which can be a painful process. Minimize feelings of loss by bringing items like a favorite recliner or quilt to the elderly care facility. Even hanging a favorite painting or some familiar drapes can make a room more comfortable.

2. Offer to Store Seasonal Decorations & Clothing

Because the storage space in a retirement apartment is limited, holiday decorations and seasonal clothing may be something you can offer to store for your elders. Transferring these items to and from storage also gives you an extra reason to visit, especially during the holidays.

3. Add a Personal Touch

When moving personal belongings to a retirement home, try to place them in prominent areas where they add character to the room. Awards, degrees, and books should all be displayed; these things can do a lot to personalize a space.

4. Give Them a Fresh Start

retirement homeWhile some elders prefer to retain as much of the feeling of their former home as possible, others are delighted by the prospect of a new adventure. Whether it’s a flat screen television or a new bookshelf, let them decorate as they see fit for this chapter of their life. Call their retirement community “home” if they’re comfortable with it. A change in the language surrounding a new situation can make it more palatable.

Helping an elderly relative transition into residential care services can be a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be. During these big changes, lean on West Vue’s nursing care and retirement home facilities. They put the people they’re serving first, cultivating self-esteem and independence to empower their residents. To schedule a tour or find out more about their services, call (417) 256-2152 or visit their website today.

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