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Do's & Don’ts for Maintaining Granite Counters July 14, 2018

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Do's & Don’ts for Maintaining Granite Counters, Red Bank, New Jersey

Granite counters are beautiful additions to the kitchen, but without the proper upkeep, their looks will fade over time. It’s essential to take the right steps to preserve your custom countertops. Here, the granite experts at Stone World at Red Bank in New Jersey share the following tips to maintain these counters.


Use the right cleansers.

Treat the granite counter gently when cleaning. This will prevent scratches from forming, which can occur when you use harsh cleansers or hard-bristled brushes. Accordingly, the best way to clean up spills is by using a soft washcloth with mild soap and warm water.

Use coasters.

A coaster is your best friend against staining, especially when you’re drinking beverages like coffee or wine. You should also invest in some hot pads to place dishes or pans on when they are just out of the oven. Despite granite’s inherent heat resistance, high temperatures can still cause damage.


Allow pets to roam.

granite countertopsCat claws will easily scratch up the surface of your granite counter if they’re left to roam free. Pet paws also pose a risk of contamination, especially if your animals have been playing outside all day.

Neglect cleaning up messes.

Any spills that occur on your counter should be cleaned up right away. This is particularly true when it comes to acidic substances like soda or tomato sauce. Acids will eat away at granite, which allows stains to set in at a deeper level (thereby making them harder to remove).  

If you need countertop installation in New Jersey, contact Stone World at Red Bank. Their showroom features a large selection of natural stone options that are perfect for your kitchen and bathroom. Visit them online to learn more about their granite counters. Call (732) 383-5110 to ask about their products and services.

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