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3 Key Factors That Can Extend the Timeline of Your Excavation Project May 14, 2018

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3 Key Factors That Can Extend the Timeline of Your Excavation Project, Dover, New York

Whether you’re a builder preparing a new construction site or a homeowner who needs to hire an excavation specialist, you expect reliable workmanship, transparent communication, and—most importantly—a clear understanding of how much time the work will take. However, a few key factors can delay your project, regardless of its size. Here’s what you should know.

Factors That Can Extend Your Excavation Project’s Timeline

1. Surrounding Conditions


Your project timeline may be extended if your construction crew needs to take extra steps to maintain the overall site safety. For instance, the crew may need to underpin the foundation of a nearby building if it’s close enough to the excavation site—otherwise, the building may collapse when the soil is disturbed.

2. Size

Depending on the size of your project, your excavation crew will use different techniques and equipment to get the job completed. Larger jobs may require specialized equipment and permitting procedures that can lead to delays. Similarly, smaller jobs may necessitate extra time because the crew will have to ensure that there is enough room for their machines to access the site properly.

3. Soil

Your contractor will usually perform a geotechnical survey to establish the nature of the subsoil in the area. Subsoil refers to the soil that lies immediately under the surface of the site. Rocky soil can extend your project’s timeline while the presence of soft soil may require various techniques, like shoring, to support the walls during the excavation project.

Certain delays are unavoidable, but an excellent excavation contractor will remain in constant communication with you throughout the process. That way, you can plan accordingly and adjust your construction timeline as needed.


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