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3 Tips for Writing a Heartfelt Eulogy About Your Child May 14, 2018

Jamaica, Queens
3 Tips for Writing a Heartfelt Eulogy About Your Child, Queens, New York

The death of a child is almost indescribable. There are rarely words that can provide solace to family and friends grieving the insurmountable loss. While it can be difficult, one of the most touching and appropriate ways to honor the child’s memory is to write a loving eulogy for the funeral. It’s understandable, however, if you feel confused about where to start. The staff at Crowe’s Funeral Homes of Jamaica, NY, is here to share some suggestions that might help you compose a comforting tribute.

Writing a Eulogy for a Child

1. Keep It Succinct

You don’t need to write a flowery, elaborate speech to celebrate life. A simple and loving dialogue that truly speaks to the heart of the child’s beautiful personality is the best way to honor their memory. Start with basic information, such as the child’s name, and acknowledge other family members at the funeral. Then expand upon the memories you feel comfortable sharing before coming to a natural conclusion. There are no hard and fast rules for length, but a speech encompassing five or six pages will yield a six- or seven-minute speech, which is entirely appropriate.

2. Focus on Joy

Jamaica, NY funeralAs you put pen to paper or begin typing the eulogy, focus on those moments that brought your child the greatest joy. What were their unique interests? Think of the sports, jokes, cartoons, toys, and games that made their world special. Attempt to convey that joy and passion through your speech, perhaps by incorporating a few anecdotes from other family members. This would be an appropriate time to mention your child’s favorite teachers or friends, as well as hobbies they enjoyed.

3. Have a Backup

There’s no way to emotionally plan for the loss of a child, much less go through the stages of funeral planning and writing a eulogy. The grief may be overwhelming, and that’s why it’s important to keep someone else in mind to read the eulogy should it become too difficult to do when the day arrives. No one will be critical of this precaution, and your loved ones are more than willing to provide whatever type of support and comfort they possibly can during your time of need.

Trust in the compassionate professionals at Crowe’s Funeral Homes to provide the gentle guidance you and your family need to navigate these difficult days. They’re here for everything from helping with funeral planning to discussing burial options or cremation services. Visit their website for more information on handling grief or call (718) 558-0921 today.

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