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How to Determine if You Need Reroofing Services May 15, 2018

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How to Determine if You Need Reroofing Services, Jenks, Oklahoma

Over time, exposure to weathering can cause irreparable damage to your roofing system. If the impact is only limited to the surface, you may get by with reroofing instead of full-fledged replacement. There are certain factors that make reroofing the more economical and practical option between the two.

4 Signs You Need Reroofing Services

1. Single Material Layer

Reroofing makes sense if your current roof only has a single layer of materials and the underlayment is still intact. The second coat covers minor shingle damage and reinforces the roofing system against further deterioration. However, if you’ve already recoated materials before, it’s best to replace the entire structure with a new one.

2. Material Type

RoofingWhen considering reroofing, be sure to factor in the material installed currently. In general, it’s easier to add a second layer of asphalt shingles than metal tiles. Since metal is higher in cost, it’s often more feasible to replace the system entirely than coating an existing layer of tiles.

3. Roof Slope

Your roof’s slope and story are other important determinants to take into account. Reroofing a single-story, low-pitch roof involves less effort and risk than working on a steep roof with multiple stories. The greater the slant, the higher you can expect your labor and material costs to be. You might be better off replacing a steep roof than paying extra for reroofing.

4. Age & Condition of Roof

Reroofing can work for you if the current materials are past their prime, but the deck is still in great condition. It can fare well on roof structures with minor repair and leakage issues. However, professional roofers advise against it if the system is already suffering from moss and mildew infestations. In this situation, reroofing will only mask the problem instead of providing a long-term fix.


Timely reroofing or roof repairs can help preserve the integrity of an existing structure. Consult the experienced roofers at Guaranteed Roofing to make the right choice for your home’s roofing system. The local business has served residential and commercial clients throughout Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Jenks, OK, for more than 20 years. Learn more about their services and the materials they provide by calling (918) 451-0119 or visiting their website.

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