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Commercial Roofing FAQ Answered May 14, 2018

Quinnipiac Meadows, New Haven
Commercial Roofing FAQ Answered, New Haven, Connecticut

When it comes to commercial roofing, you’re not only considering your own preferences, but you also have to take into account your business location, customers, and needs. Whether you’re looking for a repair service or are considering a new installation, there are a lot of commonly asked questions. The expert team at Carlos Prime LLC Roofing & Maintenance, in East Haven, CT, shares their answers.

FAQ About Commercial Roofing

What Materials Are the Most Energy Efficient?

There are a variety of energy efficient roofing materials that block out the heat, rather than absorb it. Concrete tile, metal, and cool roofs are all popular energy saving options. If saving on your energy bill is a priority, talk to a specialist about your full range of possibilities.

How Often Do I Need Maintenance?

The frequency of commercial roof maintenance will depend on the type of materials used and weather conditions, but a good rule of thumb is to have a maintenance check each season to extend the life of your roof. In the summer, hail storms can cause damage, while in the winter, snow and ice can impact the materials. If you have a roof leak or notice something looks off, it’s time to bring in a professional.

How Do I Know When I Need a New Roof?

commercial roofingAfter about 15 years, every home or business roof should be assessed for updates or repairs. If you need frequent servicing, it’s probably time for a replacement. An expert can do a full assessment to determine if your business’ roof is unstable.

How Long Does It Take for a New Installation?

Depending on the size of your building, roof installations can take anywhere between one and four weeks to complete. This includes inspection time and ensures that everything is done properly.

What Does a Warranty Cover?

Fortunately, there are different warranty options for nearly every type of roof, so you can work with a professional to find the best fit for your budget. Some cover just a year, while others may last upwards of 40 years. Talk to the roofing company to determine the best fit for the building and location.

If you’re a business owner searching for quality commercial roofing in the East Haven, CT, area, look to the team at Carlos Prime LLC Roofing & Maintenance. With more than 30 years of experience in the roofing industry, Carlos is an expert contractor and ensures premier servicing. Whether you’re in the market for gutters, siding installation, or commercial roofing, their team can help. To learn more or to schedule a free estimate, call (203) 640-8296 today or visit the website.

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