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Top 4 Items to Pack for Dog Day Care  May 14, 2018

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Top 4 Items to Pack for Dog Day Care , New York, New York

It can be difficult to part with your pup for a full day, but you’ll feel better by providing them a well-stocked bag for dog day care. To make the stay easier and more comfortable for your pet, consider any health needs they have, as well as toys and special items from home they’d enjoy. If you’re stressing over your furry friend’s first boarding experience, here’s what to pack to make the transition a smooth one.

A Guide to Stocking Up for Dog Day Care

1. Medication

If your dog has any ailments or allergies that require medication, it’s crucial to include it when you drop them off. Even if there haven’t been any problems or flare-ups lately, it’s always best to be prepared in case there is a medical emergency. Don’t forget to alert the staff, so they are mindful of the possibility and know to monitor your pup.

2. Food

dog day careIt’s helpful to include some of your pup’s favorite treats in your doggy bag. While the animal day care will have a variety of tasty and healthy options, your pet may also be picky on their first day in a new environment. Let the staff know you have backup food in case they need it. 

3. Leash

To make it easier for staff to guide the dog between the grooming area for washes and other activities, it’s helpful to provide a leash. Your pup will recognize the familiar item and its smell, ensuring greater cooperation as they acclimate to the new space and care team. 

4. Toys or Special Items From Home

While there is no need to bring their entire toy collection, it can be helpful to send along a favorite item. It’s hard to predict how the dog will react to a foreign environment, so having a recognizable toy or a favorite pillow may provide reassurance. 


If there’s no one to watch your beloved pet while you work, bring them to the friendly team at Dog Wash N' Go in Brooklyn, NY. Their trained staff will give your furry friend the love and attention they deserve to feel happy and comfortable while away from home. To get in touch with a representative, call (718) 768-0293 today. To learn more about what the dog day care offers, visit the website

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