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3 Methods of Backing Up Your Photos December 19, 2018

Crescent Springs, Covington
3 Methods of Backing Up Your Photos, Covington, Kentucky

Whether you’re collecting previous family moments or shooting breathtaking shots of your surroundings, preserving your images is a primary concern for every photographer. Thankfully, modern technology offers a bevy of different methods of backing up your photos. Here are some ways you can preserve your shots in digital amber with computer storage — and classic paper, too!

Preserving Your Photos Using Computer Storage & More

1. External Hard Drive Transfer

computer storageOver time, computer storage has exploded in size and drastically reduced in price. This makes it easier than ever to back up your photos with a simple drag-and-drop. By investing in an external hard drive, you can connect your digital camera to your computer every once in a while to transfer your recent shots into storage. All it takes is a quick connection via a transfer cable (or sometimes wireless) and you’re all set. Plus, with computer storage sizes ranging anywhere from a couple hundred gigabytes to massive terabyte hard drives, you won’t have to worry about running out of space anytime soon.

2. Cloud Storage

If simplicity and flexibility are primary concerns for your back-up needs, cloud storage is tough to beat. There are many different solutions to choose from, including Google, Adobe, and Apple, but each one provides the same basic type of service. Your photos will be uploaded to the cloud, making them accessible from almost any device with an internet connection. This makes viewing and sharing your images extremely simple no matter where you are.

3. Printing

Sometimes, it’s good to rely on classic ways. Printing out your photos gives them a tangible quality that can be very powerful depending on the image. While printing out every single photo you take is most likely impractical, choosing the best of the bunch to be printed and kept safe in a scrapbook or file cabinet is a great way of preserving them in a special way.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade your digital camera or secure the latest in lighting and color tools to make your shots as beautiful as possible, there’s no better destination than K & R Photographics in Ft. Mitchell, KY. While your current photos are uploading to computer storage, contact the store to learn more about the wide-ranging inventory of camera equipment, workflow analysis services, and more. Call (859) 341-6986 or visit the website today to learn more about the company.

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