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Kiln-Dried Wood Is Stronger & Prevents Mold Growth May 11, 2018

Kaneohe, Koolaupoko
Kiln-Dried Wood Is Stronger & Prevents Mold Growth, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

Wayne’s Lumber, whose sole market is lumber and plywood, has over the past 11 years figured a way to bring in quality products at a fair price. This is where Kiln-drying after treatment becomes a great benefit. Kiln-drying is a mechanical means of extracting the excess water from the preserved lumber and plywood. There are many positive reasons to kiln-dry material. One of the most noticeable is the significant reduction of weight. The lighter material is quicker and easier to install, which reduces labor costs and also makes the job safer by reducing the chances of an on the job injury associated with heavy lifting.

Another significant benefit is that dry material doesn’t mold. Kiln-drying treated lumber and plywood removes the moisture, effectively preventing mold growth. The kiln-drying process also sterilizes the wood products. Most organisms — such as bacteria, mold spores, termites, etc. — cannot survive temperatures exceeding 133 degrees Fahrenheit. Commercial kiln cycles for treated lumber and plywood run between 150 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other benefits just as valuable are:

  • dimensional stability, which minimizes shrinkage, warp, twist, cup and bow. 
  • less chance of nail “pops” and fewer cracks in the drywall along with straighter walls and fewer “opened” seams. 
  •  better adhesion of construction glues and better nail and screw “hold.” 
  • higher strength value than wet lumber, which means less chance of “squeaky” floors or “groaning” walls.

The use of dry floor sheathing under hardwood floors will minimize the chance of swelling, which leads to waves and open seams. Roofers will find that it is less slippery than non-dried sheathing, making it safer. Dried sheathing tends to lay flatter with less nail pull associated with the side exposed to the sun, drying and shrinking faster than the non-exposed side, causing the panel to “curl.” Wayne’s Lumber in Kaneohe stocks a variety of top quality 4-inch beams #1-FOHC/FOW (free of heart center/free of wane) and plywood products that are preservative-treated and kiln-dried to the standards of the American Lumber Standards Committee. The 2-inch lumber is a premium stock and is preservative-treated.

Currently, Wayne’s Lumber is the only vendor in Hawaii carrying any significant amount of kiln-dried treated wood products. Their inventory is exclusive to lumber and plywood products, exceeding 95 percent of the total inventory. Wayne’s Lumber strives to give a better quality finished product, resulting in less call backs and happy customers. Call Wayne’s Lumber at 247- 5999 and compare prices, quality and service. Or send them a fax at 247-5997.

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