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How Often Should You Perform Grease Trap Pumping? May 16, 2018

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How Often Should You Perform Grease Trap Pumping?, Lincoln, Nebraska

Grease traps are plumbing devices that block greases before they make their way into a wastewater disposal system. However, most restaurant owners don’t pay enough attention to these appliances until they break down. One of the best ways to prevent failure is to make frequent grease trap pumping a priority. Cleaning out these appliances will also help you avoid backups and keep the environment safe. Here are some guidelines for determining how often you should clean these devices.

Following the 1/4ths Rule

If at least one-fourth of your grease trap is filled with fats, oils, grease, and solids, it’s time to clean it out. When that much of the device is filled with waste, it won’t work the same and the risk of blockages and overflows increases.

Paying Attention to Your Maintenance Cycle

It takes most grease traps one to three months to reach the one-fourth capacity of fats, oils, grease, and solids. However, the more grease your restaurant creates, the more often grease trap pumping will be required. It’s also wise to invest in a bigger grease trap if your restaurant is producing enough grease that the trap is reaching capacity faster than a month’s time.

Obeying Local & State Laws

Backed-up grease traps can do a lot of damage to the sewer system, so there are local and state regulations about pumping you have to follow. If you don’t service your grease trap on time, you could get hit with heavy fines. Educate yourself about your state and county’s laws regarding grease trap pumping to avoid getting into trouble.

The importance of grease trap pumping cannot be overstated. For one, it helps improve the safety of your kitchen environment. A grease trap that is too full has the potential to catch fire, and one that’s isn’t properly maintained could even affect the indoor air quality of the kitchen. Frequent cleanings also prevent foul odors from overpowering the kitchen and restaurant itself. However, the most important reason for cleaning your grease trap is to avoid grease from entering the municipal water system.


If it’s time to schedule grease trap pumping, trust the professionals at Taylor's Drain & Sewer Service. They have provided drainage services, including sewer cleaning, drain cleaning, and septic cleaning, to the residents of Lincoln, NE, for 40 years and pride themselves on giving prompt service. If you would like to learn more information on the company and their services, give them a call at (402) 474-5213 or visit their website.

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