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How Beautiful Paint Shades Can Revive Your Entire Home May 11, 2018

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How Beautiful Paint Shades Can Revive Your Entire Home, Nelson-Tate-Marble Hill, Georgia

If you're seeking a creative way to revive drab spaces inside and outside your home, a new shade of paint can do wonders. The color wheel is full of vibrant hues to uplift rooms and add instant curb appeal. As the area's premier painting contractorZ Best Painting, in Tate, GA, specializes in customized applications designed to transform any space. Here, the locally-owned firm shares how paint can produce stunning home interior and exterior makeovers.

How Paint Colors Can Transform a Home


One way to breathe new life into a boring room is by choosing a pastel color. From creamy yellows and soft blues to dreamy pinks and light greens, these shades bring an immediate boost to dark rooms. Most shades complement natural light, which helps brighten bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

Another way paint can open up an enclosed space is by turning to an old standby color: white. Painting contractors agree while white is the standard shade used in nearly every room, there is an extensive variety of shades beyond the traditional color. Choose from eggshell, ivory, cotton, ecru, or cream to make a small room feel much larger. The expansion also provides extra light and creates happier surroundings.
If you have dark rooms in your home, consider adding accent colors to break through the dimness. Any of the lighter green palettes will bring brightness to poorly lit rooms. Pair the shades with neutrals such as grays, whites, and tans to stimulate warmth and make the space more inviting. Other accent colors, such as sky-blue variations and yellows, achieve the same effect.


painting contractorBeautifully painted houses improve its curb appeal. If you've been thinking about changing your home's exterior color, as a starting point, think about it's aesthetic, what it conveys, and what you want it to exude.

Consider colors found in nature to brighten up the exterior: browns, greens, tans, and blues. Think about how the shades will look in the sunshine or flanked by trees. Also, keep in mind how the paint shade will fit with the scheme of the neighborhood.
You can also use brighter colors as accent markets. Apply a vibrant hue on doors, window frames, shutters, columns, or brackets. You’ll be surprised at the number of areas that can be canvasses for pops of color.

Additionally, take a cue from the paint shades inside your home. Brighter colors on a house's exteriors also attract light and make structures appear bigger. You can never go wrong with any of the variations of white on the color wheel. If you're unsure, a professional painting contractor will help you select a hue in evaluation with your home's outside design.

Selecting paint colors can be a bit intimidating, but the process doesn't have to be when you partner with specialists. Z Best Painting is your trusted source for guidance as well as impeccable applications. With specialty equipment and top-quality paint, the painting contractors are always committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction. To learn more, call (404) 328-8798 or visit the website.