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A Homeowner's Guide to Retractable Awnings May 11, 2018

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A Homeowner's Guide to Retractable Awnings, Summerfield, North Carolina

Spending a beautiful day out on your patio often involves taking in the harsh rays of the sun as well. To enjoy the cool breeze outdoors without getting burned, you should consider installing an awning to protect you from ultraviolet rays and even light rain. Original Triad Door Company installs retractable awnings in the Triad NC area in addition to their reliable garage door services, and they share a few bits of information you should know about these helpful sources of shade.

Garage Door Installation Experts Discuss Retractable Awnings

What Are Retractable Awnings?

These are covers mounted directly to the house that can expand over the patio or deck when needed, either with a manual or motor-operated crank. They are custom-made to match your specifications and can be up to 20 feet wide with a projection of up to 12 feet. The awning is usually made of durable, waterproof fabric, such as woven acrylic, in various colors and patterns. Some can be equipped with wind sensors to automatically retract when it’s windy. You can also add LED or patio lights to provide illumination at night.

Why Are They Better Than Fixed Covers?

garage doorWithout support beams, retractable awnings can provide unobstructed views and facilitate more traffic flow. Unlike fixed patio covers, retractable awnings can also recoil into an aluminum hood to keep them protected from the elements, which makes them less susceptible to damage from severe weather. 

How Do You Maintain It?

Retractable awnings have to be cleaned regularly since they collect dirt and dust over time. Also, water can gather in the fabric, which can lead to mold growth. Make sure that the metal parts of the awnings are clean and debris-free to keep them working smoothly. If you have a motorized awning, check if the electric sensor is functioning properly. But even without the motor working, you can still operate the awning manually with a hand crank.

If you love spending time outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, consider installing a retractable awning over your patio. Original Triad Door Company, a family-owned company known for their expertise in garage door installation, can help. Aside from being the local dealer and authorized installer of Sunsetter® awnings, they offer other services such as spring replacement and garage door repair. Call (336) 996-6547 or visit their website for a quote.

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