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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Office Space Move May 11, 2018

Garden City, Nassau County
5 Ways to Save Money on Your Office Space Move, Garden City, New York

Moving your office space is a costly and time-consuming project, but if you need more room for an expanding business or are looking for ways to cut costs, this move is helpful. However, the process doesn't have to cost a fortune. ACC Space, an experienced real estate company in Garden City, NY, offers some tips below to help you save money on your workplace move.

5 Tips to Save Money When Moving Your Office Space

1. Plan Ahead

office space in Garden City, NYGetting an early start gives you the time you need to look for good deals and decide what you need from the new space. If you wait until the last minute to look for accommodations, you'll have to take what's available and at whatever price is asked.

2.  Network

You can often find deals on office space if you network through your existing contacts, including your suppliers, strategic partners, and utility providers. When you put out the word that you're looking for a good value, something often turns up.

3. Ask Your New Landlord to Contribute

Many landlords of commercial properties are eager enough to lease their available space that they'll work with you on leaving. Ask any potential landlord if they'll contribute to the renovations your business needs as a condition of signing the lease. You may be surprised how willing they are.

4. Insure Your Property

Moving can be a perilous process, especially if you must transport electronics or delicate machinery. To protect yourself against costly damages, make sure you insure any valuable property before putting it on a truck.

5. Consider Remanufactured Furniture

To outfit your new office space properly, you may need to purchase new workstations, a new reception desk, or break room furniture. Instead of buying new, consider purchasing remanufactured furniture. By reusing the steel or aluminum frames and replacing only the fabric and padding, remanufacturers can produce items that look nearly new but cost only a fraction of what you'd pay otherwise.

The cost-saving tips above will help your business's bottom line and simplify your office space move. Meanwhile, if you're in the market to buy or sell commercial real estate, contact ACC Space, a trusted property management, brokerage, and landlord representation service. They'll work with you from start to finish on property transactions throughout Long Island. Visit their website to subscribe to their mailing list, or call (516) 277-0666 to speak with an experienced property broker.