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Landscaping Professionals Explain Dethatching September 25, 2019

Cromwell, Middlesex
Landscaping Professionals Explain Dethatching , Cromwell, Connecticut

With the spring season in full effect, it’s time to pay more attention to your lawn’s health. For tall, green grass, the landscaping professionals at The Lawn Surgeon in Cromwell, CT, recommend having it dethatched. Below, they give some helpful information on this lawn care process if you aren’t familiar with it.

What Is Dethatching?

Lawn thatch is a mixture of dead leaves, grass, and plant stems that sit on top of the healthy grass. This prevents your lawn from getting the right nutrients and even allows insects to flourish beneath the surface. Thatch usually occurs as a result of overwatering your lawn or putting down too much fertilizer. When the new grass grows too quickly, the old debris doesn’t get a chance to decompose. 

When Should I Begin Dethatching?

LandscapingDeciding when to dethatch depends on the weather and time of year. If your grass thrives in the warmth, have your landscaping company start the process in the spring. However, grasses that thrive in cold weather should be dethatched in the fall. 

To have your lawn dethatched this spring, contact the expert landscaping team at The Lawn Surgeon. With experience in both residential and commercial landscaping, they have served the residents of Middlesex and Greater Hartford counties since 1985. Whether you have a large or small job, their services are always efficient. For more information about their seasonal lawn care services, visit them online or speak with a representative at (860) 635-1127.

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