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3 Ways Summer Camp Helps Shy Kids Thrive May 11, 2018

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3 Ways Summer Camp Helps Shy Kids Thrive , Piermont, New Hampshire

Naturally, some children take longer to warm up to new situations and people than others. Over time, however, these children can develop the skills and confidence to feel more at ease in unfamiliar social environments. Shy children, in particular, will benefit from a trip to summer camp, where they can grow more comfortable with themselves and others. If you’re debating whether to send your timid child to summer camp, you may want to learn about these three key benefits.

How Summer Camp Helps Shy Children Grow & Learn

1. Build Friendships 

Camp provides a warm, welcoming environment for children to take social risks. Since many of the invigorating activities are socially driven, children can speak with one another naturally — meaning, they don’t have to go out of their way to do so. Many of the activities require teamwork, which helps foster new friendships. Whether they’re playing cards, sailing, or learning pottery, children can learn, laugh, and have fun together without pressure.

2. Foster Exploration  

Childhood is the perfesummer campct time of life for exploration. While shy children may sometimes feel uncomfortable trying new things, camp can help make it easier. Rather than being forced to go to gym class like at school, for instance, children get to choose from a host of exciting activities, from horseback riding to crocheting. When they have the freedom to explore what they like and delve deeper, they garner confidence that will serve them for years to come. 

3. Learn Independence

Some shy children may feel especially attached to parents, close friends, or siblings. Without them, they may initially feel intimidated and alone. However, this feeling will quickly fade once they realize the love and support other people can also offer — as well as the love and support they can give to themselves. Sleep-away summer camp helps foster a sense of healthy independence that every individual needs to thrive in the world.


Help your child grow, learn, and excel by signing up for summer camp this year. At Camp Walt Whitman, school-aged children have fun and explore in a warm, welcoming environment amid stunning natural scenery. Since 1948, the action packed New England-based camp has helped children from near and far learn and have a blast. To learn more about the coed summer camp, visit the website. You may also call today at (800) 657-8282.

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