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How to Encourage Your Loved Ones to Get a Mammogram May 11, 2018

Bayside, Queens
How to Encourage Your Loved Ones to Get a Mammogram, Queens, New York

Mother’s Day is a time to treat your loved ones and let them know you care. It is also the perfect moment to encourage them to get a mammogram. After you spend the day with your mom or grandmother, have an honest but positive conversation. If you’re wondering where to begin, below is a brief guide about breast screenings and why the test is so important.  

Benefits of Mammograms

Bayside MammogramWhen you begin the conversation with your family member, tell them their health matters to you. Next, explain the top mammogram benefits. For instance, they allow for earlier detection of breast cancer. The sooner signs of illness are found, the better the treatment outcomes. Screenings also lower the risk of dying from the disease. 

You can also tell them about digital mammography. This innovative screening uses state of the art technology to provide a faster and more comfortable experience. It also uses less radiation than other options. Speak with a radiology professional to see what type of exam is right for you and your loved ones. 

Ideal Candidates 

According to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, most women will begin their annual screening mammograms at age 40. However, ladies between the ages of 50-69 will see the biggest benefits, as patients are more likely to develop breast cancer after age 50. 

If there is a history of breast cancer in your family, encourage your mother and grandmother to speak with their doctor. Early screenings or genetic testing may be appropriate. Also, educate the younger females in your family about getting an exam in the future. 


Every woman’s health is important. Whether you need your first screening or a follow-up exam, Main Street Radiology in Bayside and Flushing, NY, is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR), as well as a designated breast cancer screening center for women and have been serving the community with compassionate service for nearly half a century. To schedule a mammogram, call (718) 428-1500. For information about their MRI, bone density testing, and digital mammography services, visit their website

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